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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of Periodical Subscription Services

1. Payment: 100% Advance Payment is required in favour of “To Periodicals Subscription Services.” and payable at New Delhi. We also agree to make pre-payment on your institute behalf and submit the remittance proof along with our invoices and you should clear our payment within 4 weeks from the date of our Invoices.

2. Conversion Rates: As per Applicable GOC/Bank Exchange Rates.

3. Subscription Rates/Prices: All subscription rates/prices charged would be as per the Publisher's current pricing policy applicable for India and third world countries. However, the latest subscription prices/rates of 2019 would be applicable at the time of remittance of your orders.

4. 2019 Subscription Rates/Prices: Please note 2019 Subscription Rates/Prices are not yet available for some of the journals/publishers. Therefore we shall charge last available Subscription Rates/Prices for all such titles for the moment. However we shall clearly marked “+” in front of all such titles. However, we confirm that we shall charge you 2019 Subscription Rates/Prices as per publisher’s current/applicable pricing policy for India and third world countries.

5. Refund for Non-supplied Issues: We agree to replace all non-supplied/missing issues and/or refund their proportionate/pro-rata amounts within a period of 9 months after the expiry of subscription period.

6. Deliveries: Deliveries would commence within 10-16 weeks of receipt of payment from your side.

7. Mode of Deliveries: All Deliveries would be made to you by registered post/ by reputed courier service/ by hand only.

8. Supplementary Invoice: We shall raise Supplementary Invoice(s) on account of increase in Publisher Prices in all those cases where the 2019 subscription prices are yet to be received from the Publisher (i.e. all Journal titles marked with "+" sign) and/or there is an upward revision in the 2019 subscription prices at the time of remittance of your order.